The Patter and Splatter of More Paws

I have to say at this point, that Ann has a sign in her kitchen which says “the best breed of dog is rescued’. Well – she’s absolutely right – because all four of us are!

Previously we were just three – I’m the farm Shitzu and my black Labrador friend is Tilda together with golden Labrador Tiz BUT – there is a new addition in the camp ……calamity Caspar – who claims to be a Lab.

He is tall, dark and handsome and so much younger than the rest of us! He came with nearly every rib showing but after getting 3 meals a day – well – you can imagine, he is glossy coated and springing around. Despite the extra treats he gets, he can always seem to find ‘space’ for snacks – often selected by himself! He loves the garden and will ‘fill up’ on a variety of vegetables (not specifically left for him – but he thought they were!). There are countless disembowelled soft toys and numerous dog-specific hard things around but Caspar always has ‘space’ for an additional ‘something’! He believes in recycling (ready for collection) but he has been known to chew through plastic bowls, cardboard, wooden boxes and a sofa! Plus I understand he has, what 2Legs are calling a rubber and leather fetish – with a high taste in Hunter Wellies and expensive shoes. It appears that he will get away with all of these activities whilst they still call him ‘Pup’.

Caspar is often beside himself with joy, which is better than him being beside me and stealing my food. It’s like having a permanent house visitor who has not learnt manners. So you now know what has been the source of my restlessness and I don’t know where best to wag my tail anymore.

I did consider polishing up my walking boots – all four of them – and heading on up into the hills – as Caspar was driving me up the wall but Ann and Hilary did that for me. Hadrian’s Wall actually – if you look at my facebook page (Honnington Garden) there is evidence.

The photos shows that as Autumn comes upon us, the garden has not stopped looking lovely. Carpets of cyclamen seem to appear from nowhere – as did the pumpkins. Personally, I have avoided the pumpkin patch which is said to be… a den/bed/pit/slither of snakes.

Well, whatever it’s called, I do not include it on my daily walks, particularly as there is so much else to see: Colourful chrysanthemums, autumn crocus, fuchsias, viburnum, daturas and the occasional acer (they don’t grow particularly well here though). Is not just the flowers – there is berberis and berries plus delicate clusters of rose hips alongside huge glossy ones, together with colourful and delicious crab apples.

There has been a harvest festival in the vegetable garden but there is still solid red cabbage, brussel sprouts, cabbage, leeks, leeks and leeks! plus celeriac – possibly tonnes of it! There is no knowing why the purple sprouting grew huge and healthy – but no sprouting! Sadly two huge plum trees in the chicken orchard had to be removed because they were diseased, and looking dangerous. They bore loads of scrummy fruit and hopefully the stash in the freezer will keep everyone going until 2Legs are able to plant and pick more.

The change in the weather has not damped spirits, there has clearly been great anticipation when choosing bulbs and planning a new rose area at the main entrance. After hours of weeding and chopping back in the borders by Ann and Hilary, Alex has been a stalwart mulching with tonnes of well-rotted manure, whilst Toby is still trying to ‘train’ the hedges and edges on lawns and adjacent fields and woods. The greenhouses have been denuded of produce and prepared to be refilled by the overwintering plants and the list goes on with maintenance such as preservation of the pixie house and decking.

Hopefully the devastation Caspar is causing will not be long term. I will now have to go and see what his latest adventure enTAILS (that’s big and bashing too). Thankfully his huge muddy feet are enough to have him banned from the kitchen and ensure he is not languishing on my bed – so maybe I can rest some more and persuade 2legs that I need a treat!

Marvellous Millie signing off for now.


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