Hot Dogs

It’s seriously hot – so the only solution I can think of is to go for a swim. I could dust off my swimwear and enjoy the lifestyle of a noisy beach resort – but its quicker, safer and quieter to go to the gravel garden adjoining the naturalised swimming pool. However, there’s a huge array of flora and fauna to be found on the way there, so I might get distracted ……

I could go down the meadow and scare the deer, or across to the wildlife ponds and chase out the ducks, or through the woods and bark at squirrels, or down to the lake and scare the geese. Its exhausting just thinking about it ….so, maybe I’ll leave that to the other 4Legs on site – I can undertake my observations from where I sit.

The coaches and cars bringing garden enthusiasts continue to arrive. In addition to overseas visitors we’ve hosted local garden clubs, U3A, and even a painting day. It is lovely to see them enjoying Ann’s private garden which offers such a wide variety of interest and habitats? All the income raised is given to charity, with no costs taken out and this year alone £2,150 has been raised for Kent Air Ambulance alone and £1,705 sent to The National Garden Scheme to support their good works. Honnington Farm Gardens has hosted Open Days for some 12 years and everyone on site likes to share what has been achieved. However it has been decided not to open under the NGS Open day scheme in 2015, although groups of 20 or more can make prior bookings. That’s good news as far as I’m concerned as my supervisory duties will not be cur-TAILed.

Ann has been concerned for anyone entering the greenhouse – as there was talk the tomatoes were crossed with Triffids?

Four different varieties were fighting for space and admiration – there was no clear winner – they were all delicious! The fruit and vegetable garden has certainly been bountiful, offering a harvest festival basket every day. Green beans, peas, cabbage and courgettes have become staple diet alongside the delicious raspberries and huge blackberries.

The slim green peppers were healthy and turned a brilliant red but the shorter stumpy variety turned black! No – they weren’t diseased, and at first it was thought they might have been crossed with an aubergine – but perhaps they were just hybridised and we were sent the wrong seeds.

The place is a riot of colour –with all the hanging baskets and containers so bright and beautiful. The borders are stunning with lavenders, agapanthus and alliums which is great as the sweet peas are past the best after 1000s being picked every day for weeks on end.

The roses have been a mainstay and provided a gorgeous second showing, after careful deadheading and regular spraying for bugs and mildew.

The heat has not stopped work in the garden and it may have in fact spawned ‘Honnington’s Nevada Desert’ alongside the driveway. Another new creation is the Lavender Basket, inspired by a visit to Downderry Lavender farm. A tree stump in the lawn could not be removed, so the basket was cleverly built around it by Alex. The buried stump means my 4legged companions have to find somewhere else …. to meet? In fact, I will have to go out and find them now …

MILLIE the Magnificent


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